The Red Goodnight (2017) – Official Trailer


A new feature film by John C. Koch. A young boxer is drawn into the circle of impresario Juan Angel Solarte, and soon finds his morals compromised, his mind unraveling and his life out of control. For more information or for press/festival inquiries visit


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New Feature "The Red Goodnight" Now in Post-Production


The dark recesses of guilt command the senses as a boxer who aspires to be an actor is thrust into a world he is unprepared to face. A crime has been committed. Something terrible has happened. Or has it? And at what price success?


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Image by John C. Koch

New Short Film "Winter Solstice"
Set to Debut


A young woman returns home to rural Montana to spend Christmas with her ailing father at his lonely ranch, where he is the last family member remaining. The family has coped with its share of tragedy through the years, and she must come to terms with the past as she tries to comfort her father as he recovers from a recent stroke.



Image by Jim Abel


New Short Film "Jihadi Jane"

Set to Debut


An American woman turns home-grown jihadist after joining a small radical Islamic terror cell outside New York City. She has a meticulously thought-out plan to bomb Times Square and a single-minded determination to see it through at all costs. Part psychological study, part noir fever-dream, Jihadi Jane explores evil at its root.


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Image by John C. Koch


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