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SLIDESHOW: Recent Work

Latest Dance Film "Surface Tension" Now Available Free Online


A man falls asleep, questioning, summoning…memory drifts into dream. Searching for understanding, answers are elusive, figures of the past move about in silence. He engages and observes these figures, striving towards resolution, ultimately yielding clarity which allows movement back into the flow of life.


Originally commissioned by the dance film website Dances Made to Order, the full short film is now available on Vimeo to view for free.


View the film here


New Short Film "Winter Solstice" on Location in Montana


This new narrative short film wrapped production in January 2015 and is currently in the editing phase. John was Writer and Director on this project, with longtime collaborator and Montana filmmaker Brian Murnion as Producer, through his company Chute Media. John handed over the Director of Photography reins to Jim Abel for this project.


The film was shot very quickly over a two days on a cold and snowy ranch near Joliet, Montana.


Look for a trailer soon!


New Film in Production in July 2015 in New York City


The dark recesses of guilt command the senses as a boxer who aspires to be an actor is thrust into a world he is unprepared to face. A crime has been committed. Something terrible has happened. Or has it?


An introspective, subjective and visually expressive exploration of the drive for success and the unfolding unforeseen consequences of moral compromise.


Featuring Nick Zibro. Written, directed and shot by John C. Koch.


Images and trailer coming soon!




Image by Jim Abel

Image by John C. Koch

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