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New Feature "Stalemate" is Now Complete


"Stalemate", John's third narrative feature, is now complete and festival applications have begun. The film takes place on three levels of reality, telling one woman’s story on different layers of narrative and weaving through multiple interpretations of truth and fictional representation. The film portrays the unraveling of a relationship as a story within a story within a story moving interchangeably between a reverse and forward chronology of events. The broken and convoluted narrative represents the mirror of a mind coping with emotional stress—the lies and fictions we create on top of our own realities in order to cope with pain and loss.


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New Dance Film
"Surface Tension" Now Available Free Online


A man falls asleep, questioning, summoning…memory drifts into dream. Searching for understanding, answers are elusive, figures of the past move about in silence. He engages and observes these figures, striving towards resolution, ultimately yielding clarity which allows movement back into the flow of life.


Originally commissioned by the dance film website Dances Made to Order, the full short film is now available on Vimeo to view for free.


View the film here


2014 Dance Film Lab: Camera Movement and Aesthetics


Led by John C. Koch, director and cinematographer working in dance film, narrative and documentary, the second Dance Films Association Dance Film Lab of 2014 will focus on the aspect of camera movement in dance film. Considering the camera as an integral element of the work rather than observer of a performance, and discussing different practical strategies for choreographing the camera, this lab will show participants an overview of camera rigs and allow participants to explore selected gear hands-on.


March 26, 7-9 PM @ IFP Made in NY Media Center




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